Older Versions

PCIe Screamer R02 (Discontinued)


PCIe Screamer R02 is a revised version of our successful PCIe Screamer.

Most notably PCIe lanes routing has been improved with better differential pairs impedance and length matching resulting in a better PCIe signal stability.

Existing software and gateware are fully compatible with this new PCIe Screamer R02 version.

PCIe Screamer R01 (Discontinued)


PCIe Screamer first version in PCIe x1.

Specifications (R01 & R02)

  • FPGA Chipset: Xilinx 7 Series XC7A35T

  • Memory:

    • 4Gb DDR3 DRAM MT41K256

    • 256Mb SPI Flash for FPGA self-configuration

  • USB Chipset: USB 3.0 FTDI FT601

  • PCIe Bandwidth: PCIe x1 Gen 2.0: 5GT/s

  • System Clock: Frequency: 100 MHz

  • User Interfaces:

    • 2 x LED

    • 2 x push button

  • Serial Interface: USB to UART FTDI FT232

  • JTAG: 6 pins JTAG connector for FPGA programming

  • Input Voltage: 12V from PCIe or from external supply

  • GPIO: 2 pins + GND

  • Dimensions: 130 mm x 110 mm x 12 mm


  • SW1: FPGA Program/Reset

  • SW3: User Button

  • SW4: User Button


  • LD1: User Led (Green)

  • LD2: User Led (Green)

  • LD3: FPGA Prog Done (Green)

  • LD4: Power Good (Red)

Quick Start

1. Select power source

  • For PCIe power supply, put the jumper on the left position.

  • For External supply via jack CN4, put the jumper on the right position. Input voltage: 5V to 15V max.


When the power supply is stable, the LED LD4 will be red.

2. Select Boot mode (R01 only)

SW2 selects the FPGA bootmode. Set it to Master SPI:

  • 1: ON

  • 2: OFF

  • 3: OFF


Once booted, FPGA prog done LED LD3 will be green.

Gateware & Software

PCILeech recommended.

Refer to the official PCILeech README and gateware for PCIeScreamer R01/R02


Flash Programming

Same as Screamer M.2. Refer to Upgrading.