The ECPIX-5 development board has an integrated debug interface accessible through the Micro-USB port. It is based around an FTDI FT2232H with acts both as a JTAG probe and as a UART interface.

FPGA programming


The ECPIX-5 debug interface is fully compatible with OpenOCD with the following script:

interface ftdi
ftdi_vid_pid 0x0403 0x6010
ftdi_channel 0
ftdi_layout_init 0xfff8 0xfffb
reset_config none
adapter_khz 25000

jtag newtap ecp5 tap -irlen 8 -expected-id 0x81113043


ECPIX-5 support in openFPGAloader was added in dec6959. It can both program the SRAM and the flash.

openFPGAloader -b ecpix5 top.bit # SRAM programming
openFPGAloader -b ecpix5 -f top.bit # Flash programming

External JTAG

In addition to the built-in JTAG programmer, an unpopulated connector (1 row, 6 pins, 2.54mm/0.1” pitch) gives you access to the JTAG signals. It is compatible with LambdaConcept JTAGSerial board.

Serial interface

The built-in USB to Serial adapter is directly connected to the FPGA. It is capable of handling baudrates up to 12Mbauds.


FPGA pin

RX (FPGA) <- TX (Debug)


TX (FPGA) -> RX (Debug)