The easiest way to get a RGB LED blink is to use the blinky built-in nmigen-boards:

Depending on your ECPIX-5 FPGA variant:

python -m nmigen_boards.ecpix5 --variant 45
python -m nmigen_boards.ecpix5 --variant 85

This will compile the blinky bitstream and load it on ECPIX-5.

Prebuilt bitstreams

For a quick test without having to setup the full toolchain, you can use the prebuilt binaries below:

Load the bitstream:

openocd -f openocd-ecpix5.cfg -c "init" -c "svf -quiet blinky_ecpix_45.svf" -c "exit"
openocd -f openocd-ecpix5.cfg -c "init" -c "svf -quiet blinky_ecpix_85.svf" -c "exit"