No sign of life

Symptoms: No LED is turned on.

  • Check the power jumper: exactly one jumper must be installed, and it must correspond to the power source you want to use (debug micro-USB, USB-C or DC jack)

  • Check the power source characteristics: it should source at least 1A at 5 volts

  • Check the fuse: with a multimeter in continuity mode, check the continuity of the fuse. If the fuse is burnt, replace it with an equivalent fuse.

FPGA configuration being lost after the board is unplugged

Symptoms: When ECPIX-5 is powered on, it does not use the same configuration as the last time it was powered on.

This is totally expected: nowadays most FPGA use SRAM to store their configuration. SRAM is volatile memory, and as soon as your FPGA is powered off it will loose its configuration. The solution is to program the SPI flash.

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