Power system

The ECPIX-5 features a complete power system for powering the FPGA, its peripherals, and the PMOD modules.

ECPIX-5 power tree

DC Jack

For non-USB powering needs, a 2.5mm DC Barrel Jack can be used for powering the whole board. It is called “EXT” as in “External Power”. It should be used with a 5V power adapter.

Power source selection

The power source has to be manually selected using jumpers. Three sets of jumper pins are located near the DC Jack (EXT, USB-2, USB-C) each selecting which power source will power the board. To avoid injecting power from one connector into another, only ONE jumper must be used at a time.

ECPIX-5 power jumpers


The power system is protected by a user-replacable fuse. Currently the ECPIX-5 is sold with a 2A fuse. In case you want to replace this fuse, any 2410 package will fit inside the socket.